Hello, I’m Samantha Newell, the creator and author of chopsticks, please. This space aims to share a special gastronomic journey through the alleyways of Adelaide’s Chinatown, to the markets of Seoul and through rural Japan. You’ll find me wandering markets, alleyways and Korean supermarkets, all in search of something I have never had before.  I have a deep love of wandering streets and alleyways when I travel, to get a feel for how people really live in a place. Fortunately, this leads me to a lot of street food – my favourite type of meal – as it is usually very grassroots and authentic.

I’ve never been an adrenaline junkie, or a ‘typical’ adventure seeker – I would never jump out of a moving object up in the sky, for example. However, I have an adventurous heart, and I get my kicks from trying new foods. I especially love spicy food and food that comes out of the ocean. I believe that the love of ‘new’ food was instilled by my parents, who bucked the ‘meat-and-three-veg’ trend; opting for curries, Mexican and Mediterranean dinners instead. My parents made trying something new feel very exciting; importantly, it brought us all close together at the table. I am indebted to them for my love of new foods. It could also be that I am half-Italian, and Italians are born with an appreciation for food.

My parents also introduced me to Sushi when a little shop opened up on Norwood Parade. I was unsure of it at first, and I will admit that it took a few attempts to make me really appreciate the mouth-feel. One of my motto’s has been to always try something a few times before deciding I don’t like it. Now, sushi could be considered my blood type.

Out of all the food in the world, I happen to find Asian cuisines the most enticing. Particularly Korean and Japanese. I love the bold (but humble) spice combinations and, I am not sure if this is the Italian in me talking, but I really love bright red sauces. Korean food in particular is so intriguing to me, so I tend to research and talk about it the most.

I hope that those who find this space are also naturally curious individuals that appreciate East Asian cuisines as much as I do.

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